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Utensil Washer

Utensil Washer

One of the biggest challenges of running busy restaurants/mega kitchens is keeping the Utensils clean.

Regular cleaning can seem overwhelming if you don't have a perfect cleaning system in place, and you are looking for a Utensil Washer?

IDEF Utensil Washing Machines are suitable and reduce the labor intensity for restaurants, educational institutions, hotels, mega kitchens, factories, office canteens, and other centralized meal units, they improve work efficiency and improve cleanliness.

Washing Utensils with the Utensil Washing Machines can greatly reduce the tedious manual labor. The machine can clean Utensils, Bins, bowls, and kitchen utensils. A strong cleaning capacity and high-temperature disinfection function to make sure kitchenware is clean and safe. Powerful nozzles spray ensures the cleaning from all directions. Powerful pump to ensure faster clean-up times.

IDEF Washers can help to maintain a hygienic restaurant / mega kitchen. The user-friendly control system allows for easy operation and maintenance. Save time, save water, save electricity, and the save workforce.

Using a smart design, powerful function, convenient for the different needs of different customers.
Customers can according to their requirements, the actual size of the kitchen dishwasher, customized.
Different types of filter systems are applicable according to your situation.
Material handling for turn-key solutions.
Nozzles are easy to adjust and easy to clean.
Powerful nozzles to remove contaminants.
Different washing phases for complete cleaning, according to specific needs of hygiene.