Cleaning Equipments

Shopping Cart Washer

Cleaning Shopping Carts can be quite a cumbersome job because it has to be done frequently and effectively as well.

It involves getting rid of bacteria, grime, unhygienic deposits, and other types of polluted environs. The best way to clean the shopping cart is to use IDEF Shopping Cart Washer.

With the washing and sanitizing of Shopping Carts, trolleys, racks, and cages with an IDEF Cart Washer you will get highly intensive cleaning. IDEF Shopping Cart washer keeps your cart trolleys clean and hygienic.

IDEF Shopping Cart Washers can clean all types of trolleys in supermarkets and malls with premium quality. Much more efficient than any high-pressure cleaner.

IDEF Shopping Cart Washer is designed for cleaning cart trolleys which are largely used in supermarkets and malls. Our Cleaning Systems are entirely constructed in stainless steel and are built to food-grade standards. Our Machines can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic with optional de-stacking and stacking systems. Its compact design and convenient operation improve production efficiency.

Nozzles are easy to adjust and easy to clean.
Powerful nozzles to remove contaminants.
Effective trolley cleaning can remove harmful bacteria and allergens, which can travel on the Shopping Cart.
With adjustable ball feet, you can freely adjust the height of the machine.
Stainless steel nozzles.
Easy to operate and maintain.
Environmental friendly-low water and detergent consumption.
A high-pressure spray nozzle system ensures that all sides of the trolley.