Cleaning Equipments

Pallet Washer

The pallet cleaning process is necessary for keeping clean your environment, and it involves various materials such as grease, oil, and dirt.

IDEF Pallet Washers are known as either manual or automatic machines to adapt to the needs of your workplace. Pallet washers are a great investment for your warehouse because they are designed to increase the sanitation and cleanliness of your regular operations. IDEF Pallet Washers are available in several different choices and sizes to ensure that it fits the needs of your exact application while reducing the risk of contamination. If your facility needs to clean a large number of pallets regularly, you'll benefit from having a pallet washer.

Pallet cleaning is important for many different industries. Pallets are often used to ship meats, eggs, dairy, bottled drinks, and much more. A pallet washing machine allows eliminating any contamination that may occur, especially from bacteria like E-coli. Pallet washing systems can remove any residue left behind by these components, be it grease, oil, or metal shavings. The food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries count on our stainless steel pallet washers in their daily operations.

Pallets are cleaned in the main wash zone by nozzles and a powerful and efficient pump, spraying water in a pattern to achieve maximum cleaning results. After going through the main wash zone, the pallets are rinsed with fresh water to remove any remaining detergent. The pallet washer machine is designed for continuous washing, rinse/sanitizing and drying of pallets or dividers in a vertical position. Optionally, you can equip this model with a conveyor that is returning the pallets/dividers to the loading area.

All stainless steel construction.
High impact spray nozzles to remove debris.
Automatic operation handling up to 200 pallets per hour.
Maintain hot water with heating elements or steam.
Hygienic design, smooth surfaces, and corners.
The entire machine is made of stainless steel with a superior finish.
Unique cleaning system with pivoting nozzles for improved wash results.
Nozzles can easily be adjusted and pointed in different directions.
Fully separated washing and rinsing zones.
Variable Speed Conveyor Drive.