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Milk Can Washer

Can Washer

IDEF Can Washer is an expert in hygiene and operates in the Dairy sector.

These advantages ensure that our IDEF Can Washers are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving machines.

Raw milk is brought to the chilling center or processing plants in cans. In a milk collection / chilling center of capacity 2KLPD ~ 5KLPD, the number of Milk cans handled. Therefore IDEF Milk Can Washer will be required. The cans enter the washer in an inverted position and cleaning is done by jet nozzles at the various section of the washer. The washer has provision for washing Can Lids. Water is sprayed through jets into cans to remove traces of milk.

Milk Cans move forward from the entry door in an inverted position to the rinsing section, where hot water is sprayed from the bottom and other sides removing loose soils and some part of dirt. Now, the cans are effectively clean and moved to the steaming section for sterilization.

Finally, the Milk Cans are dried in the airdrying section. At the end of the washer, a mechanical tilting system inverts the cans to a straight position. Before reaching the exit door, inverted cans are brought to the normal position with the mouth upside. The Milk Can need to be cleaned to remove traces of milk, dirt, foreign objects, and other contaminants.

IDEF Can Washer is an efficient and effective way of cleaning Milk Cans returning from Chilling Centers, Fields, Farms & Milk Processing Plants. The cleaning operation can be accomplished in semi-automatically or automatically in the machine.

Material handling for turn-key solutions.
This machine is an innovative development in Can Washing.
Highly affordable to dairies who can washing requirement is economically.
Nozzles are easy to adjust and easy to clean.
Powerful nozzles to remove contaminants.
It has overall low power consumption, low water consumption, and low steam consumption and is economic in maintenance too.
Milk Can Washer