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Mould Washer

Mould Washer

Are you looking for a cleaning system for your moulds?

If your chocolate mould was not clean easily, you will need to try to remove unwanted residue. If a thorough cleaning is necessary, here is the solution.

IDEF offers different types of moulds such as chocolate moulds, cheese block moulds, meat moulds, ham moulds, etc. IDEF Mould Washers are adaptable to every hygiene standard and capacity requirement, IDEF Mould Washers offer extensive options to suit your cleaning needs.

If your company needs to clean a variety of sizes of moulds or trays, this machine will be very suitable for you. Because the IDEF mould/tray washer has adjustable guide rails, it can be adjusted according to different sizes of moulds/trays.

IDEF Mould Washer can ensure the safety and hygiene of the workshop, but also complete cleaning, drying, and sterilization at one time, improving work efficiency, including self-conveying, multi-stage cleaning, drying.

The body of this machine is made of SS304G which meets food standards.
360 Degree washing system.
Powerful nozzles to remove contaminants.
Nozzles are easy to adjust and easy to clean.
You can clean a variety of sizes of trays, this machine has adjustable guide rails.
Small production series: 100 ~ 500 Moulds/hour.
The water tank has a water level monitoring function.
With a flexible modular design, you can choose a suitable model according to the size of the location.
With adjustable ball feet, you can freely adjust the height of the machine.