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Tray Washer

Tray Washer

The IDEF TRAY WASHER is an efficient way to wash Trays.

IDEF Tray Washer is suitable to clean hard plastic trays, expanded polystyrene trays, and more. If you need to clean a variety of sizes of crates or trays, this machine will be very suitable for you.

IDEF is the leading manufacturer of tray washers in Rajahmundry, chakradwarabandham, Andhra Pradesh. IDEF has developed a wide range of industrial tray washers. IDEF Tray washer enables customers to handle the whole tray cleaning process efficiently and with a high continuous output of as much as 100 to 2000 trays of washing per hour. Our Plastic tray clean machine has widely have a good satisfactory record with our existing clients for its performance.

IDEF Tray Washer has adjustable guidelines (rails), it can be adjusted according to different sizes of trays, to ensure that the trays will not move during the 360-degree washing. Foreign materials such as dirt, grease, oils, and other contaminants are left on the trays and this should be efficiently cleaned to avoid contamination.

IDEF Tray Washer is an expert in hygiene and operates in different sectors. These advantages ensure that our industrial tray washers are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving machines. The smallest model in our industrial tray washer range is 100 trays per hour, Model: IDEFCSTW100CPH.

Nozzles are easy to adjust and easy to clean.
Powerful nozzles to remove contaminants.
Small production series: 100 ~ 500 Trays/hour.
Effective tray cleaning can remove harmful bacteria and allergens, which can travel on trays.
With adjustable ball feet, you can freely adjust the height of the machine.
Suitable for various industries and plastic boxes/crates/trays/baskets/bins etc.
Stainless steel nozzles.
Easy to operate and maintain.
Environmental friendly-low water and detergent consumption.
Tray Washer