Cleaning Equipments

Bucket Washer

Possibility of washing buckets of different shapes and types, and different heights and dimensions.

IDEF bucket washing systems are equipped with particularly high-pressure systems, able to remove even the most stubborn residue on the bucket's outer or inner surface. Effective bucket cleaning can remove harmful bacteria and allergens, which can travel on buckets.

IDEF Bucket washer is used for the cleaning and sterilization of Food Safe Buckets, Livestock buckets, Harvesting Buckets, Storage Buckets, Translucent Buckets, Industrial Pails, etc. High pressure to remove all types of stubborn residue or dirt. The bucket washing systems are fully automatic and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology making them the ideal solution. Bucket washing systems are designed to obtain maximum hygiene levels. According to the different requirements of customers, we can put the IDEF bucket washer designed with multiple washing stages and different functions.

IDEF Cleaning Systems can design, develop and configure for each customer, based on their requests and requirements. IDEF Bucket Washer is widely used in the dairy industry, automobile industry, meat industry, baking industry, food industry, aquaculture industry, fruit and vegetable industry, and other industries.

Reduction in maintenance costs and times.
The guide rails can be adjusted, and they can be suitable for cleaning containers of different sizes.
The cleaning machine adopts high-pressure nozzles, the direction is easy to adjust.
The overall material of the container sterilization cleaning machine adopts SS304G.
The pipeline connection is smooth and seamless.
High cleaning efficiency and good effect.
360° Cleaning.
Different washing phases for complete cleaning, according to specific needs of hygiene.