IDEF RMRD (Raw Milk Reception Dock)

Raw Milk Reception Dock is the primary intake point of liquid milk entry in dairies/chilling centres.

It is specifically meant for the reception of milk brought in cans from village milk collection centres located over a wide area. The cans of individual village milk collection centres from many such routes are unloaded at the RMRD, after which their milk is weighed & tested separately.

The objective of handling the milk as quickly as possible continues even at the milk reception, as the milk is still vulnerable to spoilage, till it is chilled and taken into the milk storage tank, and processed. The crucial stage of milk reception also involves the responsibility of checking the quantity, quality for acceptance, and the time management of handling many vehicles. IDEF is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Raw Milk Reception Dock (RMRD), Milk Processing Plants, Mini Dairy Plants, Milk/Milk Product Processing Equipment and solutions.

Milk Can Conveyor

Milk Can Conveyor.

IDEF Can Conveyors are normally used in Milk Dairies, and Milk Processing Plants due to the nature of transporting Milk Cans to the Processing Section

IDEF can provide Can Conveyors in mild steel, galvanized, plastic, or stainless steel. Roller conveyors are a series of rollers supported within a frame where objects can be moved either manually or by gravity. IDEF Roller Conveyors are used in several industries such as Food handling industries, Packaging Industries, Logistics, and Manufacturing industries. There is a wide range of ways roller conveyors can be used in transporting boxes, cardboard boxes, crates, pallets, plastic totes, polybags, and trays. It should be of a suitable type and length to transport the cans easily from the edge of the dock to the can-tilting bar at the dump tank.

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Milk Weigh Bowl

Weighing Bowl.

IDEF is counted among the most distinguished exporters and suppliers of Weighing Bowls. The offered Weighing Bowls are widely used to weigh milk and are also used for other dairy products. These bowls are developed at the vendors' premises using best-grade steel, which is coated with anti-corrosives. Moreover, our offered bowls can be availed by clients in the range of 120ltrs to 600Ltrs. Customers can avail of these weigh bowls from us at market-leading prices.

  • Adjustable height and speed and easy to operate.
  • PP support sheet on which the belt runs along the length of the conveyor.
  • Drive arrangement consists of geared motors, bearings, tensioning arrangement, etc.
  • We can make the machine based on the customer’s request.

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Dump Tank

Dump Tank.

IDEF Dump Tank is a vessel with a rectangular cross-section and an open-top surface. It works as a balance tank for milk in between the weigh bowl and milk chiller. Mostly it is used in dairy industries doing continuous milk processing.

Milk is first poured into weigh bowl and from it, it passes to this dump tank and further to the required processing section. Reckoned for sturdy and hygienic structures, these dump tanks are able to store a voluminous amount of liquid. They are used in connection with the conveying system or individually where only small chilling centers or bulk milk cooling centers in villages are situated. It has an outlet at the flat bottom having a slop from three sides for easy draining of the liquid. Mounted on adjustable ball feet.

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Can Drip Saver

Can Drip Saver.

IDEF offers a can drip saver, which can be controlled both manually and automatically. IDEF Can Drip Saver is fabricated using quality raw materials, these are extensively used for collecting milk drips from emptied cans. These are highly appreciated for their various salient features like ease of operation, longer functional life, and low maintenance. Owing to their unique features, these are widely used in dairy industries. Further, these are available in various specifications and can be customized as per the client’s requirements.

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Can Scrubber

Can Scrubber.

IDEF Can Scrubber is suitable to scrub both inside and outside surfaces including bottoms of aluminium/stainless steel milk cans. IDEF Can Scrubber will be helpful in reducing the manual brushing and rinsing of the Milk Cans.

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Milk Pump

Milk Pump.

IDEF Milk Pump is used for pumping milk from the dump tank to the chiller through the in-line filter. It is installed at a level lower than the dump tank and has a flow control valve at the discharge side, The pump is linked with a control system to operate as per the level in the dump tank, to prevent overflow of the dump tank or pump running dry by the oversight of the operator.

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Milk Storage Tank

Milk Storage Tank.

IDEF Milk Storage Tanks are used in Raw Milk Reception Docks (RMRD), Milk Processing Plants, and Mini Dairy Plants for the storage of raw, pasteurized or processed Milk, between reception and processing in this most important part of any dairy plant.

IDEF has successfully expanded its business in the market owing to the offered elevated quality array of Horizontal Milk Storage Tanks that are used to store the milk at the desired temperature for longer durations. The Tank is provided with insulation in the outer jacket to prevent the temperature from dropping. The tank can also be provided with a slow-speed agitator for regular mixing of the milk.

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Our range of products includes Milk Processing Mini Dairy Plants, Milk Chilling Centres, Milk Powder Plants, and RMRD.

IDEF is an expert in hygiene and operates in different sectors. IDEF is mainly engaged in Milk Processing lines, Fruits and vegetables processing lines, Seafood processing lines, and bakery and food processing lines, which include single-machine and turn-key production line solutions.
Our success is attributed to our approach to continuous 3’s Innovation, Improvement, and Implementation loyalty to the customer, and their satisfaction is our prime objective. These advantages ensure that our Cleaning Systems are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving machines.

We have a strong innovation culture and actively encourage our employees to transform their ideas into competitive products. Our Research & Development team, many of whom are the best in the world within their respective fields.

Planing & Designing02

We receive product plans and quality specifications from the customer, draw up a proposal for the manufacturing method and overall schedule and based on this information calculate a rough cost estimate.


When all the preparations are complete, manufacturing begins. Even at this stage, modifications and improvements are made to the manufacturing line, and our engineers are continually trying to improve their work.