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Automobile Crate Washer

Automobile Crate Washer

IDEF Crate Washer is an expert in hygiene and operates in the Automobile Industry.

These advantages ensure that our IDEF Crate Washers are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving machines.

IDEF Automobile Crate Washers have become a key element in the automobile industry, and it is used for cleaning, and drying Automobile Crates. IDEF offers the highest quality Automobile Crate Washer, these crates can wash, rinse and dry up to your most demanding high-volume cleaning applications. The dirt and oily particles will be taken away when the cleaning is done.

In the Automobile industry, it’s important to keep crates clean before the manufacturing process begins. One way to clean automobile crates before they’re put into place in manufacturing.

IDEF Crate Washer is designed based on studying high-quality domestic and international washing machines, with excellent performance. We offer several standard models of Conveyorized Automobile Crate Washing Machines in different sized conveyor widths to meet almost every Conveyor washer spray cleaning application.

Material handling for turn-key solutions.
Highly affordable to locomotive industries, automobile industries, Motorcycle spare parts industries, bearings, valves, gear, and other component manufacturing industries that can washing requirement is economically.
Nozzles are easy to adjust and easy to clean.
Different processes in separate Chambers.
Variable speed conveyor.
Various sizes and functions are designed as per customers' requirements.
Automobile Crate Washer