HMST (Horizontal Milk Storage Tank)

HMST (Horizontal Milk Storage Tank)

Horizontal Milk Storage Tank

IDEF Horizontal Milk Storage Tanks are used in dairy plants for the storage of raw, pasteurized or processed Milk, between reception and processing in this most important part of any dairy plant. IDEF has successfully expanded its business in the market owing to the offered elevated quality array of Horizontal Milk Storage Tanks that are used to store the milk at the desired temperature for longer durations. The Tank is provided with insulation in the outer jacket to prevent the temperature from dropping. The tank can also be provided with a slow-speed agitator for regular mixing of the milk.

Our range of products includes Silos, Vertical Milk Storage Tanks, Horizontal Milk Storage Tanks, Road Milk Storage Tanks, Bulk Milk Cooler, Ghee Storage Tank, Ghee Settling Tank, Butter Melting Vats, and Paneer Coagulation Tanks.


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