Cleaning Equipments

Tin Cooler

IDEF Tin Cooler is the high-performance cooling tunnel for Canned Food, Canned Drinks, and Beer Tins.

It is suitable for cooling all kinds of bottled or canned hot beverage and aerated beverage and prevents deformation.

IDEF Tin Cooler can wash the exterior surface of the tins. The cooling temperature and time can be regulated according to the requirements of the user. The standard design can easily be customized by adding a wide variety of options, making the machine suitable for your specific situation.

The Tin Cooler has removable roof panels to access the entire length of the washer interior thus reducing maintenance time and cost. We can also customize the Tin Cooling machine according to the customer's sample.

IDEF Tin Cooler can ensure the safety and hygiene of the workshop, but also complete cleaning, cooling, and sterilization at one time, improving work efficiency, including self-conveying, multi-stage cleaning, drying.

Suitable for different materials and sizes of tins.
The removable roof design allows complete access to the interior.
Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).
Either hot water or a steam boiler is optional.
Easy operation and stable operation.
The Tin Cooler is made of SS304G which is food grade.