About Us

About Us

About Our Company

Indian Dairy Equipment & Fabricators (IDEF) into Fabricating and Manufacturing of any equipments pertaining to food processing, where hygiene is predominating essentiality we cater to the needs of various sectors like Dairy, Fisheries, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Industries. Our success is attributed to our approach for continuous 3 I’s Innovation, Improvement & Implementation loyalty to the customer and their satisfaction is our prime objective. Constantly developing a new product in high standards, intricate, components at competitive prices to our clients is our STRENTH our enthusiasm for providing excellent service is our short term plan. We are armed with a weapon like Quality Management Systems in all our related areas. Right, form A For administration to Z for Zero tolerance till it reaches customer’s premises.


  •   Total commitment to quality durability and reliability.
  •   Going the extra mile with our clients to establish a successful and long-term business relationship.
  •   Constantly seeking ways and means to provide higher level of customer satisfaction.
  •    Extensive market research to understand and meet with the growing demands of the industry.
  •   Continuously upgrade quality standards in line with the trends for the next millennium thereby benefiting the customer .

Vow to our Customers

At the end of the day, our only assets are our clients and our reputation. We need to exceed each and every expectation that our client has - this means we also have to anticipate and manage future expectations. This also means never over-committing.

Special Services

  •   We undertake turnkey projects as per customers requirements.
  •    We can develop your product against samples for your specific requirements.
  •    We can also partner with you in developing.

Our Products

  •   Crate Washer | Can Washer
  •    Storage Tanks (All types)
  •    CIP System
  •   Conveyors
  •    Batch Pasteuriser
  •    Customised equipments
  •    Pumps | Valves | Accessories
  •    Road Milk Tankers Ghee Boilers